Austin Christmas Lights: A Hidden Clarksville Gem

Willis & Cathy in front of their display

Austin is so chock full o wonderful Christmas & holiday traditions, some traditional, some so Austin-y – I try to do almost all of them with the kids, well sort of almost all of them within reason and budget.

I’m always on the hunt for new neighborhoods and areas that have awesome Christmas Lights to drive by.

I’ve read a ton of list posts about what’s out there, and they helped remind me of a couple. BUT this post is about my fave sweet tradition that my kids and I never ever miss and even visit more than once a season.

It’s the house of Willis Littlefield on 12th St in Clarksville. One of the few original Clarksville cottages amid new constructions and remodels. Willis is a memeber of the Austin Gospel Group Bells of Joy

It’s like a christmas fantasy wonderland of kitsch and happiness. Starting with the gang of Santas on Harley’s that rock out, to the Santa & Mrs Claus on a swing, with every imaginable moving singing santa/christmas character bopping and flashing in between.

Dancing figures

There are even two singing James Browns &  a Ray Charles chiming in.
You can go right up into his yard and press the buttons to start all the toys, Willis will greet you with a Candy Cane and a grin. He is so genuinely happy to share all this extravaganza with everyone, he adds to his collection each year and is proud to point out what the new addition is.

Rockin Christmas

Neighbors stroll over with wine to chat and say hi, I’ve heard that some of them like to give Willis money to offset the electric bill that livens up the neighborhood.

I love this family tradtion so much, it so epitomizes Clarksville, and Austin, and simplicity and the spirit of the holidays

Biker Santas

Low Rider santa – it actually sings “low rider”

Grooving Santas – even these huge ones dance

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