Hi, I'm Nanette Nanette and I'm a licensed Realtor at Compass Real Estate in Austin Tx.

I’ve lived in austin for over 30 years and I moved here for the music. I love all the creativity in this city, it’s a wonderful place to live and a great place to raise my kids.

One of my fave things to do is go see live music, I love discovering new bands and songwriters.

I also love all the art that’s being made here, crafty stuff, fine art, film, hair stylists…anything creative and inspiring and beautiful!
There are so many awesome events around town, and even better are FREE ones, and ones to take kids to, be it music, or art or a 5K/kids K, anything.

I love how Austinites partake of our beautiful city.

I love being a Realtor here because I love the city so much and the people here. It’s so fun discovering new neighborhoods I didn’t know before, or introducing a favorite area to someone, or showing someone that there is the right house for them. It’s a thrill finding that perfect match. I know this town, nightlife, food, shopping, schools, kid things, resources, neighborhoods…and if I don’t it’s my pleasure to learn something new

I think that anyone should be able to own their own home, no matter what their situation. I have a wonderful team that I work with to help make that happen.

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