7 MORE SXSW survival tips – for anyone


really you can’t get any better than my original one i wrote in 2010 – 7 SXSW survival tips for GIRLS But I know there’s always room for improvement – and times have changed, and I’m older, I’ve traded in the platform shoes of 2010 to the hipster slip on tennies and Toms of 2013 1. Water […]

It’s in the Bag….

Gill Agency reusable bags

  Did you all remember your reusable bags yesterday?? I saw quite a few posts on Facebook of some “doh” moments of bag forgetting. And even a photo of a friend’s husband precariously carrying various groceries sans bag… I know there’s some resistance, and controversy, but you know, “they” say that it takes 21 days […]

Restore Rundberg – a neighborhood improvement plan

Rundberg neighborhood

I bet most of the people I know don’t even know where this neighborhood is, or if they kind of vaguely do, they don’t think about it. I think about it a lot actually. My kids spend some time there at their father’s house, a very cool nice spacious house with lovely friendly neighbors. And […]

are you a tea nerd? my dive into Zhi Tea

Tea at Zhi Tea in East Austin

    Apparantly I am now a tea nerd. Jessica Evans from Zhi Tea told me so. And to prove it, I’m writing this post from Monkey Nest Coffee drinking a cup of Zhi Tea’s Ginger Peach Oolong, my second cup to be precise See, I gave up coffee a couple of months ago, for […]

Happy Thanksgiving 2012

Here is my now annual Thanksgiving video message! I have so much to be thankful for, success, great clients, health, amazing friends and family and I live in Austin! Leave me a comment telling me something you are thankful for today! (and every day)  

The Denizen 04 – 6 reasons you want to live here

south austin condos

The Denizen 04 – a new and different condo development in South Austin

I’m an Austin Dog Owner – now what?

Toby at Titos4

That’s the question  I luckily got to ask myself recently – meet Toby – my new kid. He’s part pug somewhere, and part probably terrier seeing as he looks like the Lorax, I adopted him from Pug Rescue of Austin and we all love him terribly. So now I’m part of that club! I get […]

Fancy Feast – Lenoir Austin


Some of you may know, that one of my biggest joys is finding amazing vegan food in Austin. I love vegan/vegetarian restaurants, but I also really dig fine dining, and I’m always determined I will find something and eat divinely. sooo, Fancy Feast was born, the brainchild of vegan blogger extroidonare Lazy Smurf . Each […]

New RocknRealty Facebook Page!

My new facebook page for RockNRealty

404 Wilmes – near Highland Mall – yes that’s a good thing!

404 wilmes front

It’s funny how the definition of “Central Austin” has changed over the years, and yes, I know to some calling this home at 404 Wilmes “central” is a stretch. But it’s not north of Anderson, and i’ts in between the 2 big highways, so in my opinion – Central. Also what sets 404 Wilmes apart, […]

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