2014 Best Year Ever

JAN3POSTI actually think that every year, because it’s true.

But the clincher is, how to make it so….is it personal growth exercises? new improved fitness routines and diet? consistent and innovative efforts in how you work? Improving relationships? Falling in love? Getting rid of bad habits? All of the above?

I’ll go ahead and tell you some of the things I’m gonna do, and then I would LOVE to hear some of yours!!

So, in no order of importance or subject, here are some things  I will do this year to make it the Best Year Ever.

1. Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod – a few months ago my dear friend and super motivator Honoree Corder gave me this book, I devoured it and since then I have followed Hal’s simple morning S.A.V.E.R.S routine almost daily (aside from sick days and hotel forays) – I will continue this on into the years to come. It’s too much to get into here so if you truly want to see some change in your personal and work life, I couldn’t recommend this book more.

2. Yoga – I will finish my yoga teacher training in May of this year. It is so far the best thing I’ve ever done. It seems a direct correlation, the more yoga I do, the happier I am & the more all round good I feel. My goal is to improve my home practice, even if it’s just 10 minutes.

3.  Blogging!! yes this thing I’m doing right now. I have the blog, I always say “this year I will write more!” – so this year I really will because I’m telling you that. Topics will range, Austin, Real Estate, memememe, art, cool stuff, music, whatever tickles my fancy, or better, whatever tickles YOUR fancy, what would you like to see here?

4.  Weight Lifting – I’ve always loved it, but lately have been getting more focused, lifting heavier, with attention to specific muscle groups,  believe it’s the key to a lifelong healthy, strong, nice looking, toned body.  And mentally empowering too. Seriously, it’s about the weights.   Between this, vegan diet and yoga = fountain of youth

5. Daily Gratitude – the simplest happy life maker exercise there is.  Write down 5 things daily.  Thank everyone you come across. Be thankful for things you don’t even have yet.

6. Do some things out of my comfort zone – be more daring in work situations, maybe go to some events I don’t usually do, hang out with new friends.

7. Compliment myself daily!

kinda like this girl, my mini guru

8. And finally – BE HAPPY – just be happy.

Ok – your turn, lay it on me…



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