2016 The Best Year Ever – with a twist

Thanks to the lovely “see your memories” feature on Facebook – I saw that on this day in 2014 i wrote a blog post titled “2014 The Best Year Ever” and I started it out saying that I truly believe every year is the best year ever, so I figured why not keep up the theme!  Resolutions, intentions, all these things I feel are fluid and flexible – they can change in two months, mid year, from year to year.

So here are somethings I’m planning to do this year to make 2016 MY best year ever!  Stay tuned for the last one which is what I think is THE number 1 most important thing to do for best year ever status.

  1. Meditation – my mediation practice has been really growing and solidifying and becoming a daily habit.  Sometimes I sit in silence with a timer set at 5 minutes. Sometimes I sit with my earbuds and listen to a track with some sanskrit chanting, like Wah! and just let my mind float, sometimes I listen to a guided meditation by one of my teachers like Gabby Bernstein or Kris Carr. Calms me, sets my daily intention, helps focus.  The best medicine.
  2. Yoga – this never changes, but this year I’m teaching more, yes as well as being a kick ass Realtor I also teach yoga. I’m also challenging myself to practice daily, even if it’s a 5 minute cat/cow, downdog & childs pose and breath. Who knows what will happen!
  3. Play – I’m going to play more this year.  Let my hair down a bit and enjoy. Be with people, be with my kids, say yes to some events I might not normally do
  4. Start a Bullet Journal – well at least I hope to, I was gonna do it starting Jan 1 and so far nothing, here’s the link to the Bullet Journal thing, looks amazing right? Hoping this helps with some organization and follow up stuff.
  5. Cook – more and more I love cooking, I’m getting better at intuitive cooking, being less intimidated by ingredients or seemingly complicated steps.  Cooking get’s me in tune with my body, with the seasons, plants and nature. and it tastes good. In 2016 I would like to maybe cook for other people as in have people over for diner! I have a new house, I should do this.
  6. …and  here is what I think is the MOST IMPORTANT thing to do to ensure having the best year:  give up all expectations and attachments to the results of anything else you plan to do! let it go, enjoy the process, live in the moment, don’t be disappointed! 

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