7 SXSW survival tips for GIRLS!

Tried and true survival tips for ulitmate fun during SXSW from a many year veteran – ME

1. Under Eye Concealer – this needs no explanaition

2. Rad Platform shoes that you can walk in and wear all day AND look fantastic all in one package: I’ve pretty much worn these old Fornarina platform sandals & these Fluevog cowboy boots for all 5 music days for years

My tried & true sxsw footwear

3. Lipgloss you can apply while walking down the street

my lip gloss stand bys

4. A stash of Lara Bars or Luna Bars because real meals rarely happen &  a purse size water bottle.

5. Yoga – just 15 minutes in the morning will change everything – i like to do 5 sun salutations A & 5 B then some  inversions, or you could find some quickies online like this YOGA  Don’t worry about cardio, if you are having fun the right way, the walking & dancing should suffice!

6. Sunscreen or make-up with sunscreen if you are doing day shows – this way you will look the same age in 10 yrs as you do now

7. Cash for a pedi-cab in case #2 platform shoes fail you  – better still carry this phone # 512-317-1995    that’s Russell the best pedi cabber in AUSTIN. he’ll pick you up & save your weary sore feet

I welcome any new tips! lay it on me…

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