7 MORE SXSW survival tips – for anyone

really you can’t get any better than my original one i wrote in 2010 – 7 SXSW survival tips for GIRLS

But I know there’s always room for improvement – and times have changed, and I’m older, I’ve traded in the platform shoes of 2010 to the hipster slip on tennies and Toms of 2013

1. Water – it’s hot this year so this is even more important. And let’s love our planet, bring a reusable one and refill it everywhere you go. Plus the more water you drink the better you feel if some of your other drink choices are  of the dehydrating variety…ahem

2. A Mophie Juice pack  – what did we do before these!! I mean you could carry around your phone charger, and be tethered to a plug every few hours, buy why???? Best invention ever.  You can win one this year (2013) through Brooklyn Vegan and Mophie – I want this one sooo bad


3. East 6th Street in the Day – potentially good parking if you get there early enough, bars with fab patios and free music all day long. Food trailers with TONS of vegan food for keepin that rockin energy up all day. My faves are Me So Hungry and Arlo’s – both behind Cheer up Charlies. If you haven’t had the Bacn’ Cheezeburger at Arlo’s, well, you haven’t experienced a complete life.

4. Twitter – there’s lots of chances to win contests, find out about secret parties, find out about celebrity sightings, and mostly, stalk find your friends.  You can follow me @rocknrealty – just cos. I probably won’t have any secret party scoop. But I may have where the good vegan food is at scoop.

5. The bus – forget parking, $30 lots, stress incuding traffic. Cap Metro has extended service during SXSW – check it out

6. Green Smoothies – yeah I know these are all the rage, but truly, start your day with a smoothie chock full of fruit and greens, maca powder, chia and walnuts and you will have energy galore and if you don’t get healthy food later, this will take care of tons of nutrients for the day. You can also get green or other juices around town, there’s a Daily Juice on 3rd St.

7. If late nights and all day marathon’s are not your bag, go to one of the superearly shows put on by KGSR or KUTX.  KGSR starts at 6 am at the lovely W. Amazing line ups, good coffee, migas tacos. KUT starts at 7 at the Four Seasons. Breakfast Tacos, Granola Bars, coffee and killer bands.  You gotta get in line EARLY though if you want to ensure entry. I got to the W at 5:30 on Wednesday and still was pretty far back in line and didn’t get a chair.





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