April Charity of the Month: 50kfor50k

I love twitter – i almost wrote a love letter post to twitter last week after I received immense personal support and comfort during a personal crisis – something I had debated whether to open up about – but the results for me, were good. So I wasn’t wrong about my “friends” they did care. This is what I love about it.

Another example of the realness and the power of it, is the ability to spread the word about something and get people actually involved. My twitter friend Maya Paveza @mayaREguru is doing that with a super fun super cool fundraiser

The group Mothers Fighting for Others is hoping to raise money to build a new orphanage in Kenya, and Maya is using twitter and her tweet count in a unique and creative way to do this!  Read how HERE

I’m on the “Let Maya Tweet” camp – you can be too by clicking here:

I know this isn’t exactly my usual “local tie in” but for me it is because my Twitter friends are part of my world, they are part of my community in both support, fun, friendship & business, plus it’s a great cause.

I’m eternally fascinated by the different ways to use Twitter for good and this is just one of the many! Happy April giving…

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