Austin Modern Home Tour – 2011

Back in February I went on my second Modern Home Tour here in Austin, TX. It’s put on annually by the Krisstina Wise Goodlife Team brokerage and includes some of the most interesting modern homes you’ve always wanted to check out.

I was lucky enough to car pool with my friends Angela & Dan who I met on the 2010 tour when I carpooled with them then. So much fun to do this with others.

Here’s just a quick recap of some of the houses we visited!

900 W Mary

I pass this house every time I go get a manicure at Frenchy’s beauty salon. Always wanted to see it.

hidden behind the wall is this lap pool

900 West Mary Pool

we all dug this unique wall fixture

410 E 6th Street is ACTUALLY in the heart of 6th Street downtown nestled between the bars, you would never know it was a private residence! Narrow, and deep, it has an older front part with a modern but retro old addition on the back. With an indoor pool.  It’s on the market for $3,000.000.

the former rear exterior, this is where the indoor pool is and transition to the newer area

“vintage” dishwasher

I don’t actually remember where this little outdoor space is but i sure do love it!

1616 Haskell was an East Austin duplex with a front & back house. The staging in this unit was the funnest, check out the giant bird in the bathroom:

And this RAD Tom Selleck pillow

but my fave was the roof top yoga set up:

Out in Westlake we visited 6703 Vireo Cove – the most stunning feature of this home was the large windows & how it felt like you were IN the outdoors from the bedroom

here is another groovy rooftop living space at 2307 W 9th St

As usual I didn’t take nearly enough pictures to capture all the coolness of Austin’s modern homes. Maybe next year!

When I think of modern homes it’s not only the architecture that attracts, but the decor & design touches. It’s so fun to get ideas and catch a glimpse into how other people do it.

If you went on the tour, what was your fav home or feature?

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