It’s in the Bag….


Gill Agency reusable bagsDid you all remember your reusable bags yesterday??

I saw quite a few posts on Facebook of some “doh” moments of bag forgetting. And even a photo of a friend’s husband precariously carrying various groceries sans bag…

I know there’s some resistance, and controversy, but you know, “they” say that it takes 21 days to change a habit. So give it a chance, and I think bringing bags in to stores with you will become second nature, then you have to work on getting them back to the car after unloading…that’s my downfall

BUT – I have something that will help!! Something that will make bag remembering a sweet sweet experience, because it will remind you of me every time.

Gill Agency bags – and YOU, yes YOU can have one – you just have to do one thing, well two things. Go and “like” my Facebook Page – RocknRealty Facebook – AND comment here telling me your fave place to shop.  oh and i guess one more thing, leave your email or email me your address to send it. Simple and Easy Peasy


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