Why I Love Real Estate

I have to confess – a while ago I would have found this answer a challenge. I don’t have a story like many, I didn’t grow up in a real estate family.   I didn’t have a sales backround so it was a “natural fit”.   I haven’t always been a natural extrovert. I don’t […]

October Charity of the Month: Breast Cancer Resource Center

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month – so it’s a no brainer that my charity pick this month is related. I have chosen the Austin based Breast Cancer Resource Center, which I shall now refer to as BCRC to preserve my poor little fingers. I adore this group, you can turn to them for EVERYTHING, […]

Glittery update

Quick update on my surgery and cancer path and intro to my new blog Glitter Every

Best Mother’s Day Poem Ever

Best mother’s day poem written by my son

Love Hope Strength – where my heart is for February (charity pick)

The Love Hope Strength Foundation is a music centric cancer charity close to my heart