New RocknRealty Facebook Page!

My new facebook page for RockNRealty

Happy Thanksgiving 2011

Hi People! here is my thanksgiving message! Sorry about the floating head look but I used my phone that doesn’t have a tripod and no children around today to help! I have so much to be thankful for this year! to Health & Happines – Rock on!

October Charity of the Month: Breast Cancer Resource Center

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month – so it’s a no brainer that my charity pick this month is related. I have chosen the Austin based Breast Cancer Resource Center, which I shall now refer to as BCRC to preserve my poor little fingers. I adore this group, you can turn to them for EVERYTHING, […]

Glittery update

Quick update on my surgery and cancer path and intro to my new blog Glitter Every

Best Mother’s Day Poem Ever

Best mother’s day poem written by my son

The yellow brick road to reality – how the Wizard of Oz changed my lifestory

How using stories and metaphors from the Wizard of Oz helped motivate me to change and make my fantasy stories my true life stories.

Love Hope Strength – where my heart is for February (charity pick)

The Love Hope Strength Foundation is a music centric cancer charity close to my heart

Austin Christmas Lights: A Hidden Clarksville Gem

Austin is so chock full o wonderful Christmas & holiday traditions, some traditional, some so Austin-y – I try to do almost all of them with the kids, well sort of almost all of them within reason and budget. I’m always on the hunt for new neighborhoods and areas that have awesome Christmas Lights to […]