What’s the happs Austin??

If I tried to keep up with all the things happing in Austin on any given month – my fingers would fall off and I wouldn’t have time to work However November & December a full of delights so I’m gonna highlight a few things that I’m excited about. NOVEMBER Fun, Fun, Fun Fest – […]

It’s Food Truck Season!

Some people get excited about the other Fall F word season, not me (although I did send out UT Longhorn football schedule magnets to my clients this year) For me, the change in weather means I can finally hit some of my fave food trucks, and discover some new ones, without melting to a puddle […]

Stuff you gotta do in Austin – May 2011 Edition

Monday May 2nd Bill Callahan at The Mohawk – I rarely put just regular music shows here because there are so so many, but i’m putting 3 this month that are just too good to miss – If you don’t know Bill Callahan, enrich your life & your music collection – early show 6:30 – […]

Tony Scalzo – an Austin songwriter

people often ask me how I came up with Rock’n Realty as my online presence, I am not a musician myself so why? Well it truly is because music is my love and it is the entire reason I live in Austin. When I was 12, I visited my aunt here, and she took my […]

Stuff You Gotta do in Austin: November 2010 Edition

It’s officially holiday season, lots of traditional yearly events in November!

Stuff you gotta do in Austin: August 2010 edition

Austin Events for August in 2010

Stuff you gotta do in Austin: May 2010 edition

Rad & fun stuff to do in Austin May 2010

Ethan Azarian – Folk artist, musician & now muralist

Austin Folk Artist & musician Ethan Azarian expands his canvas to murals, a perfect match