October Charity of the Month: Breast Cancer Resource Center

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month – so it’s a no brainer that my charity pick this month is related. I have chosen the Austin based Breast Cancer Resource Center, which I shall now refer to as BCRC to preserve my poor little fingers. I adore this group, you can turn to them for EVERYTHING, […]

September Charity of the Month: Wonders and Worries

Wonders and Worries helps children cope when a parent has a serious illness. They have helped me and I want to give back by donating and spreading the word

April Charity of the Month: 50kfor50k

I love twitter – i almost wrote a love letter post to twitter last week after I received immence personal support and comfort during a personal crisis – something I had debated whether to open up about – but the results for me, were good. So I wasn’t wrong about my “friends’ they did care. This is what I love about it.

Save the Cathedral of Junk! March cause of the month

So the Cathedral of Junk – it’s a blog post in and of itself that I could have written – my first visit there was at Statesman food writer Addie Broyle’s Eat-up she hosted there last summer – to be cliche, it was magical. Cocktails of cantaloupe & Tito’s Vodka, exploring the passages and noticing the minute details. I had a goal to find a unicorn in it all and announced aloud, minutes later a guy pointed one out.

Love Hope Strength – where my heart is for February (charity pick)

The Love Hope Strength Foundation is a music centric cancer charity close to my heart

How in the world do YOU pick a charity….

If you’ve ever read my bio here or on Myspace or anywhere really, I say at the end how I give a portion of my commission to two charities – The SIMS Foundation which provides mental health support for Austin Musicians &  HAAM – The Health Alliance for Austin Musicians I chose these because they are important […]