The Serenity Prayer for Real Estate (aka – how to stay sane)

Ok, first let me just clear something up –  take the word prayer as you will, in fact take the word god however you want too.  It can be called a mantra, an affirmation, a positive phrase. God could be universe, or spirit, or even just omitted.  This is not a post about religion. Great, […]

2016 The Best Year Ever – with a twist

Thanks to the lovely “see your memories” feature on Facebook – I saw that on this day in 2014 i wrote a blog post titled “2014 The Best Year Ever” and I started it out saying that I truly believe every year is the best year ever, so I figured why not keep up the […]

Why RockNRealty?

  People often ask me if I’m a musician – I am not. I’m a music fan. To the max. In fact it’s hard to even explain.  I call myself a Rock N Roll Lifer. It’s as much part of my make-up as if I were a musician. I remember the first rock music I […]

2014 Best Year Ever

I actually think that every year, because it’s true. But the clincher is, how to make it so….is it personal growth exercises? new improved fitness routines and diet? consistent and innovative efforts in how you work? Improving relationships? Falling in love? Getting rid of bad habits? All of the above? I’ll go ahead and tell […]

It’s Cool to be Cool – Austin Cool House Tour

This past weekend Austin had TWO home tours open to the public – Saturday was the Outdoor Living tour which sadly I could not attend. But Sunday was the Cool House Tour – a MUST NOT MISS in my book – Just last week I took a Real Estate further education class on Green MLS  […]

Happy Birthday

Not about Austin, or Real Estate, but yes about Rock ‘n Roll Today was my birthday, 45 years old. Remember when that was so old? Well I guess it’s yesterday now when I post this. I love reflecting on my birthday, about what I’ve been through, things I’ve done, the amazing people in my life, […]

12715 Burson – on the banks of Bear Creek

Located on the banks of Bear Creek in Manchaca Tx, 12715 Burson has 1.26 acres, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths and a music studio

Rent Me

SXSW  is coming up, when Austin is transformed for 2 weeks into a big city, people everywhere, fun stuff non stop. One of the questions as a Realtor that I get asked a lot in the time leading up to it is if I know of the perfect, close to downtown, sleeps 12, super cheap […]

3501 Greenway – Lake/Flato home in Austin

3501 Greenway,  Austin Tx, 78705 This home is designed by Ted Flato of Lake/Flato architects, also known for designing the San Jose Hotel and The Livestrong Foundation Headquarters. The house was originally built for Ted Flato’s sister, an artist, one of the wonderful features of the house is its use of Natural light that permeates […]

Stuff you gotta do in Austin – April 2011 Edition

  One thing you can count on during April in Austin is bluebonnets – and people taking pictures in bluebonnets! It’s an Austin Tradition. Ass are manyof these events: Friday April 1 Austin Edible Book Festival -12:30 to 2:15 1616 Guadalupe –  this has gotta be the funniest coolest looking event. Food love & book love unite […]