“Coffee worth slowing down for…” the ritual behind the ritual

Freshly roasted beans at Kohana coffee..mmmmmm

Coffee-a-holics and local Austin business lovers rejoice! Coffee nirvana is here in Austin.

I at long last got to not only try Kohana coffee, I got to go to the actual warehouse and watch and learn and even partake in the roasting process.

My friend Tracy invited me to meet Kohana founder Piper Jones in deep South Austin on New Years Eve and get to know the whole scoop in person.

When you first walk in you notice all the burlap sacks around that hold the various beans from Hawaii, Mexico, Africa, Nicaragua, Guatemala, ect…they all have cool & different designs on them.

Mucho cafe

Then you see Big Red, or Ruby, well the name is still up for debate, the gorgeous red coffee roaster. I really didn’t expect it to look so cool.


Ok here’s what I learned:

  1. Piper is really cool and loves the coffee roasting and biz passionately
  2. The roasting process from green to perfect is a lot faster than I thought! Depending on bean and roast, 8-12 mins
  3. Even though Piper makes it look easy, chatting and flowing from step to step, the timing and detail of smell, sound and color are really precise and important, and she does it all
  4. Most blends are roasted separately then blended  together EXCEPT my fave “Rockin’ Like Austin” which is the only one blended pre roast
  5. The roasting process, is itself an addicting ritual, the one the happens before the ritual most of us partake in
  6. Someone needs to invent “smell-o-cameras” because there is no way I could ever explain in writing how delicious and intoxicating the smell was.

I wish you could smell this!

I got to tase samples of dark roast Harrar and Kohana blend, I liked them even without soy milk, that’s sayin’ somehing

Kohana Coffee is available at Cissi’s Market, Central Market & TOWN on Rainey or look at their website for locations and ordering

So…Piper was rad and gave me some samples of Rockin’ Like Austin to give away!!

Tweet this post (mention @rocknrealty) i’ll give them away randomly!!

more pics:

Piper checks the roast for it’s done-ness

coffee beans ready to be bagged up

beans cooling – this part smells gooooood

me pouring beans into the roaster & checking for band ones

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