East Austin secret guerilla art tour….shhhhhh

Me by Darm Darm up at Liberty Bar – Austin TX

I have long been fascinated by what I some call graffiti art – I have always called it guerilla art for it’s aura of below the radar stealthy action , and element of mystery.

It started for me maybe 10 years ago when images of random vegetables started appearing around Austin, on electrical panel boxes and under highway overpasses, it became a fun game for me and my then toddler to spot the broccoli.  Over time other images appeared, hedgehogs, nursery rhyme characters, buddy holly glasses. I wish I had documented them all.

Well now have my very own graffiti artist living next door! Imagine my thrill to find my very own piece of art on my recycling bin one morning!

Darm Darm on my Recycling

Going under the tag name Darm Darm – I asked Bradley to take me around East Austin to show me where some of his stuff was up and to even partake in the paste-up process.  He calls them “paste-ups”  I watched him make the paste before going out

mixing up the wheat paste

Cutting out a piece of art for pasting

so after cutting out the pieces he wanted to use – we headed out to East Austin – our first stop a dumpster next to Shangri-La


We spotted some other art, some by Bradley’s roommate Diego

Diego art – LOVE this

some by well known artist Federico Archuletta  http://www.graffitiwestern.com

Federico uses stencils and spray paint for his art

Some get taken down right away, either by neighborhood graffiti taggers irritated by the honing in on their territory, or by residents, business owners who just don’t want it there.  Other’s manage to have a super long life-span.

I took some video of Bradley pasting up!

One of Braley’s latest and coolest projects was designing/painting the East Side Kings food trailer – the rad new food trailer located behind Liberty Bar on East 6th St

East Side Kings food trailer behind Liberty Bar

Darm Darm self portrait on the East Side King’s trailer

Darm Darm art in East Austin

Darm Darm tag on East Side Kings bumper

East austin graffiti art

more East Side Kings Trailer


Here is just a bunch of Darm Darm all around East Austin:

the one he put up that day!

and of course my FAVE is the back patio wall of Liberty featuring  a picture of me by Bradley which i had NO idea existed or that it was there for weeks

Bradley’s website BoBo Hairbear – to see more, even buy some art! yes go buy aret

ps funny antectote: once a long time ago when my 2nd kid was a todler, and the tradition of looking for art around town was well established, he once announced that he wanted to go see some “monkey art” i racked my brain trying to think of some exhibit or store or something that had monkeys we had seen – turns out he had always heard “gorilla” instead of “guerilla” of course

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