Ethan Azarian – Folk artist, musician & now muralist

Ethan Azarian

Green Cow Still Life

Disclaimer: I’m totally biased and a Huge Ethan Fan and have known him since he and Jeff Johnston played at my daughters 2nd birthday in our backyard.
But that does not mean I should not share the joys of his whimisical Folk art  chairs, chickens, cows, and tigers with you all.  I love the colors, I love the themes, I love how it’s instantly recognizable. He’s also insanely sweet and a new dad of the cutest boy ever.

Ethan paints in variations of themes, they are obvious throughout, and often are in phases. I first knew him in the monochrone flower phase.  He is pretty fond of buildings. Fruit, shoes, the occasional fried egg, animals.   He likes to paint the items floating, or stacked on top of each other, like chair on chicken. (say that, it’s fun)

Balance – by Ethan Azarian

He has his gallery right in his house in East Austin, and he opens it to public for the East Austin Studio Tour every year as well as for a Christmas Art Show.

Recently he has been expanding to murals. It’s a perfect match. He was commissioned to paint a mural on the roof of a child’s room in a Central Austin house and I was lucky enough to get to go hang out one day and I shot the little video below.

Ethan is also a musician founder of the Rad Austin band the Orange Mothers and currently master of the solo show

Here is some vid i took at Central Market in Austin of Ethan playing a show, with the fab Jeff Johnston accompanying him on the amazing musical saw and the telephone -yep, you should check out a show.

Check out more Ethan Art and find out about events & shows at his website

And call him if you want a mural!!

Also for kicks check out his Dad Tom Banjo – make sure to search YouTube to see vids of his INCREDIBLE Cranky Shows – you will love me even more

FYI – Saw player Jeff Johnston is the bass player in Li’l Cap’n Travis  (my Fav local Austin band) as well as about a million other bands.

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