Glitter Every Day

I don’t how to start this post – so I started it like that. It’s an announcement of sorts, and a story, and a message.  So I will dive in with the point first – this week, on Monday, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Tomorrow, Friday, I am having out patient surgery to remove the lump.  The rest of the story is as yet unknown.   I wore my favorite glitter eyeliner to the biopsy last Friday, and to the Surgeon appointment Tuesday, and I felt so pretty and brave.  Gonna slap some on tomorrow morning too 🙂 and some lip gloss. 

The insane generousity and love from my friends has already blown my mind.  And I have to admit, part of the reason I am writing a public post about this is because I want and welcome any and all prayers, vibes, love & warmth sent in my direction, this is not a time to be coy about asking for what you want.

I also have zero doubt about what I will gain from this, there’s no limit or OD of cliches when it comes to inspiring people, educating people, raising money for people  – I will be that as others have.

Of the many wonderful words of love & support I have received, a couple stand out right now:

One friend, a survivor, when I told her  I wasn’t comfortable with the word survivor, said  “You’re definitely a survivor – sometimes, the hardest part is surviving being told about it” I can relate to that!

One of my fave people to be around right now told me that I was OK, that we are all OK till we are not…and that is so right. Even if it sucks, I’m OK.  These words float around in my head daily, alot of times a day. And help big time

Ok, it seems I don’t know how to end this post either….so, ladies pay attention to your selves. Everybody, be happy and positive daily, and I am going to wear glitter every day 🙂



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