Glittery update


the comments on my last blog post overwhelmed me in such a glorious way – tears and smiles, soaring heart, goosebumps, strength, uplifting. I do believe it has been one of the best things to ever ever happen to me. I thank each and every one of you, and those that sent emails or commented on facebook or twitter. I really cannot say that more sincerely.

I am compelled and thrilled to count all the blessings this experience is bringing me – and this is one of the biggest.

As far as updates go, my surgery went well, I had a blissful week of being pampered by my closest friends during recovery. My lymph nodes are clear and the removal was successful.  At this point I still do not know what my treatment will be or if  I will need furthr surgery in the form of mastectomy. There were a couple of facts that don’t make it cut and dry despite the fact that they “got it all”, we are waiting for a couple more test results and a couple more tests to take. But all in all it’s not a worst case scenario in terms of type of tumor, details details blah blah.

Physically i’m feeling pretty good, some discomfort at the site, and major mental fatigue. Some days i’m cry-y and down and daunted by what’s to come, and others i’m elated by the power I feel and the blessings, they make me feel luckier than anyone.

The kids have starte with Wonders & Worries, read about them HERE – they are a miracle and will be the focus of my next charity of the month post

Speaking of that, yeah, I know I skipped May charity and haven’t done June happening, I have a good excuse right 🙂

So, I want this blog to remain as it was, Austiny, arty, real estate-ish, cancer references will be mostly awareness, events ect..and mentions as it relates. I have created a seperate blog that I am calling “Glitter Every Day” where I will post updates ect… Read it HERE and check it frequently if you like –

I’m still working, still having fun, still wearing glitter (I got some new glitter goodies for my birthday!)

Love to you all

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