Doing the Gypsy Picnic Vegan

I’m really excited for the Gypsy Picnic Trailer Food Festival this Saturday November 6th at Austin’s Auditorium Shores.  I’ve been such a fan of the exciting and growing food trailer scene in Austin and there are so many with vegan options and more and more that are all vegetarian and/or vegan.

But I was not excited that the offerings at the Gypsy Picnic are not too vegan friendly, for all the options in town. Even some trailers that normaly offer a delish vegan option are not having them on their Gypsy Picnic sample menus.

That said – the event is free, it looks super fun, there is live music all day, and I look forward to this becoming a typically cool Austin yearly event – and maybe the fact that there is not toooooo much to eat vegan, means you will save money and not feel too full to enjoy the activities!

sooo i made a list for you of all the vegan yums at the Gypsy Picnic so you can zero in and know what the scoop is:

Concious Cravings – this place is all veg anyway so all three of their Gypsy Picnic offerings are ideal!

  • Pan Seard Tofu Wrap – make sure the mayo is vegan
  • Spicy Chickpea wrap
  • Chimichurri Seitan Wrap – I’ve had this, it’s divine

Colibri Cuisine

  • Veggie Taco-Dillas – they call their salsa “sexy salsa”, wow, how could you not try it


  • They offer vegan chocolate on their frozen bananas! yay for dessert

Izzoz Tacos

  • Three Tamale Sampler – Vegetarian Bean Tamales (ask about cheese, i havn’t verified)

Short Bus Subs – they have the Hot for Teacher Marinated portobello sandwich – it has mozzerella, you could check if they can do it without – I love a good Portobello!

Some of the coffee trailers may have soy milk for a latte.

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If anyone knows anymore please comment and let us all know!

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