Happy Birthday

Not about Austin, or Real Estate, but yes about Rock ‘n Roll

Today was my birthday, 45 years old. Remember when that was so old? Well I guess it’s yesterday now when I post this.

I love reflecting on my birthday, about what I’ve been through, things I’ve done, the amazing people in my life, and birthdays past.

This morning, my brother posted a video on my facebook timeline. The band Altered Images doing their Happy Birthday, and a flood of emotions and memories rushed in.

When I was I guess 12, I was living in London, and I went to see Adam and the Ants, I was an insane fan, I went with Adam Ant face paint and jacket. The opening band was Altered Images. I had never heard of them, but it was my first experience with what I later called, Surprise Band Discovery, a rare and sweet experience where you see a band you didn’t mean to see, had zero expectations, and were totally floored and in love at first song.  I went the next day to the Beggars Banquet record store and bought all the single Altered Images had. They were not well known, it was a hunt. I read everything I could about them, which wasn’t much, there was no google.  Then I guess around a year later, they had their own top of the pops hits, and I went to see them headline the same place I saw them open, Hammersmith Odeon. And it was my birthday. When the beginning notes of Happy Birthday came on, I persuaded the bouncers to let me up to the front, and one of them motioned to Claire Grogan that it was my birthday and she knelt down in front of me and sang. Best Birthday Ever.

Today was another best birthday ever so much love from people, so much greatness in my life.  Thanks to all of you my friends and clients who have helped me succeed in biz and life.

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