Honey Stop the Car! There’s a new Tacodeli in town

Tacodeli Crestview austin

Joy of Joys!

It’s a day to celebrate when the deliciousness that is Tacodeli opens another location in Austin.

If you follow me on other social media’s, you probably know that in the great Taco Debate rivalry of popular local taco “chains” – I’m a strong supporter of Tacodeli.  This is essentially based on two factors – The unbelievably delicious Dona salsa, and the availablity an variety of vegan options.  The Freakin’ Vegan – you complete me.

So this past week a new location opened on Burnet Road in the Crestview/Allandale/Brentwood  Neighborhood – 7301 Burnet to be exact, in the Tueday Morning shopping center.  As if you needed any more reason to love this part of town.


I actually even think that this adds to the property value 🙂  “minutes from Tacodeli” – has a nice ring to it

S0 go there and partake!

Let’s get a taco frenzy going – leave a comment below with your FAVE Tacodeli Taco!! you know mine

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