Love Hope Strength – where my heart is for February (charity pick)

Tony Scalzo, Mike Peters, Joey Shuffield perfrom on top of Machu Picchu

I decided at the beginning of this year and this blog that I would pick a different charity each month to focus on & give a % of my commissions to. I had originally thought to concentrate on local Austin charities but this month’s choice although not local, has a huge local tie and a huge music tie, and a super personal tie – AND because the word LOVE is in the name of it, I thought it appropriate for February and Valentines day thoughts.

Love Hope Strength  Foundation is amazing cool, it’s a “Music-centric”  cancer charity.  They use funds raised ,  to purchase medical equipment and supplies, raise awareness through special events, documentaries and media, build cancer centers and find bone marrow donors.

What makes it Music-y Is that it was founded In 2007, by leukemia survivor Mike Peters of the Welsh rock band The Alarm, AND they get musicians from all over to participate in concerts and pilgrimages to such remote places as the base of Mount Everest, the top of The Empire State Building, the ruins of Machu Picchu, Peru  and the glacier of Kilimanjaro

Joey Shuffield, Tony Scalzo & Miles Zuniga of Fastball – nice hat Miles

What makes it Local & Personal is that my ex Husband Tony Scalzo & his band Fastball went on the expedition to Machu Picchu. Peru Rocks. It was a sensational experience for them, Tony trained physically for it, and raised money for the trip. The kids & I were thrilled with all the pictures of their dad singing with llamas and mountains in the background as they appeared on facebook. And of course he brought back alpaca hats and wooden carved llamas for them.

Tony “Grizzly Adams” Scalzo Rocks Peru

This was last year, and even though I know Tony was proud and passionate about helping, he had no idea that the experience would start to mean so much on a personal level, and I know he never thought while  playing a concert in a chemo treatment room, he would be supporting his wife in a chemo treatment room just a few months after his return. She’s kicking ass of course.

So there ya go – you can read all about it and see all the musicians involved and DONATE on their website here:  >> LHSF – there is a great video on the home page with footage of concerts and a great explanation what they do and how.

Fastball, Slim Jim Phantom & i think Glenn Tillbrook from Squeeze and a cute little girlThis Scene blowss me away

So tell me, what charities are you passionate about?

FYI – Fastball are playing February 18th in Austin at the Continental Club on South Congress.

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