National Night Out on Marbrys Ridge Cove, Austin style


6804 Marbrys Ridge Cove

BBQ from Rudy’s

I have a home listed for sale in Austin in the Northwest Hills neighborhood at 6804 Marbys Ridge Cove and one of the things I love about it is the small community of residents on this quiet little cul de sac – so, when I found out that they have a National Night Out celebration every year, I had to attend.

National Night Out is a unique crime prevention event that has been around for 27 years! It calls on the community to join together with each other, and local law enforcement to promote a community spirit, show strength in numbers against crime, and well…. have fun! Neighborhoods can organize block parties, parades, cookouts ect… in Texas it takes place October 5th (Elsewhere it was in August, goodness knows why Texas is different)

On Marbrys Ridge Cove, they pay for their party out of the HOA dues and hold it at the end of the cul de sac on the common area known as “the island”, a nicely landscaped island that has a little path & a bench (the island & the NNO party are the only things the HOA cover so in the past year the residents didn’t even need to pay dues, there was excess in the account)

They get BBQ from Rudys.

They order a huge cake which is a hit with the kiddos.

6904 Marbry's Ridge Cove

The kids got to teh cake before I could take a picture!

They bring out chairs, enjoy food & socialize.

6804 Marbrys Ridge Cove

The kids played kickball while waiting for the police & firefighters to arrive. Of course you can’t predict what kind of emergencies will happen so unfortunately the fire department didn’t make it. But constables, officers and a dude from Code Enforcement came out. The kids loved seeing the police car lights and getting stickers.

The officers really enjoyed eating the BBQ!

The police officers were so nice, answering questions from the kids like “do you have a tazer?”

I enjoyed meeting all the neighbors of my clients, my kids played with theirs, and it really was such a great example of community & neighborlyness (is that a word?).

For information about my Marbrys Ridge Cove listing see my blog post: Northwest Hills – 6804 Marbrys Ridge Cove

Next year I’m considering holding one in my block.
I would love to hear about YOUR National Night Out events, leave a comment and tell me!

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