Restore Rundberg – a neighborhood improvement plan

I bet most of the people I know don’t even know where this neighborhood is, or if they kind of vaguely do, they don’t think about it. I think about it a lot actually. My kids spend some time there at their father’s house, a very cool nice spacious house with lovely friendly neighbors. And my second ever real estate transaction was there, in Georgian Acres. A very cute young first time buyer couple bought a house, they still live in it and LOVE it.

Also – although I didn’t realize when I started writing this, I see that the area targeted by the APD’s Restore Rundberg Project reaches east of I35 to Cameron, covering the Heritage Hills and Windsor Hills neighborhoods, which I LOVE, I’m about to list a house in Heritage Hills. Here is the boundary map for the Restore Rundberg project, but I feel the most impact and need is in the North Lamar/Georgian Acres neighborhood.


I’ve always been a fan of diving in, living in the neighborhood you live in, and doing what you can to make it better. The Restore Rundberg project is supposed to help do that for this area, an area that does have higher crime and “neighborhood distress” as the website for the Restore Rundberg Project puts it. It’s a program developed by the Police Department. Unfortunately the website doesn’t really explain what they are going to do.

I got some more information, a teeny bit more, from the Restore Rundberg Facebook Page – it mostly quotes from the website, but some of the posts have information and links to events like this one “It’s Art in my Park!/Es mi parque con arte!” – which looks like an adorable event – coming up this Saturday March 3rd. I’m really really a fan of community events in parks, especially in “distressed” neighborhoods where a sense of pride and community is terribly important for hopes of improvment.

Here is another neighborhood event – Rundberg Clean Sweep on April 13th – kind of an offshoot or community focused snippet of the Austin Clean Sweep project from Keep Austin Beautiful. I love this.

There have also been some news stories of late, which actually have been much more insightful into the kind of action being taken, here is one from yesterday’s news on KXAN – Rundberg Neighborhood Gets and Extra Boost

While I think it’s essential and good that the police department is focusing on crime – I feel that more is needed to truly improve a neighborhood. Events like the two mentioned before, involvement from residents, attending neighborhood and city council meetings ect…, and consistency.

Here is the page for the neighborhood association – North Lamar/Georgian Acres Neighborhood. – which I think is more the focus area that needs improvement and support than the neighborhoods just east of I35. If you click on their “About” page, you can see their goals for the neighborhood plan, and links to the progress made so far. I have heard from some residents that it is hard to get people motivated to be involved, but hopefully they will keep on keeping on and make an impact!

I’m not a neighborhood planning expert, so these are all just ideas I have about it, that feel right, and I’m not talking revitalization to a hip urban hang out with accelerating property values and a brand new demographic like these 10 new hotspots – “From Blighted to Bling”

But I am talking about a close in, cute area with affordable houses, and some darn fine people living in it, that just needs a bit of help.

Tell me about a neighborhood you know that has benefitted from a program – leave it in the comments

Or if you live in the Rundberg Neighborhood tell me what you want to see happen!

Do you think the police action is helpful?

Oh and speaking of this neighborhod – I just discovered the best Gym – Beyond Fit – right there on Powell Ln – check it out, they have FREE community work outs a couple of times a month AND the owner Chad Byers is a vegan trainer, so even better. Really fun tough workouts.

***update to the post***  A friend just told me about some hidden gem restaurants. I will list them here but with the disclaimer that I have no idea about the vegan-ness of any of them. Except Pho Dan which she mentioned has Vegan Pho, and I would venture to say that the Indian and Pakistani restaurants have options, these are all on North Lamar (i’ve included links so you can get the address and reviews)

Le Soleil Restaurant – Vietnamese

Swad – Indian

Shalimar – Pakistani

Pho Dan – Viatnamese – known for excellent Pho

Baguette House – Bahn Mi – people rave about the baguettes

Short’N Sweet – Bubble Tea and Free Wi-fi

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