Rockin Christmas Shopping Austin Style



So it’s totally last minute,  Hannukah began last night, Christmas is 8 days – it’s time for the dreaded LAST MINUTE SHOPPING MANIA!

Maybe you’ve been busy, maybe just a procrastinator, or maybe, just maybe, you simply haven’t been able to find the ultimate gift for the coolest person you know, or your very very best friends, or your amazing yoga teacher, or your kooky sister, or ultra hip neicee that you pretend to relate to.

Well I’ve come up with a few off the beaten path, creative, funky, cool and very Austin gems.  Unique gifts, easy access & parking, one of a kind finds, creative masterpieces, and simply good ideas – read on people of Austin:


Blue Genie Art Bazaar  –

Most of you probably already know this one, but it’s so top notch that if you don’t you need to. All local, creative amazing artists selling their work, jewelry, clothing, art, cool, weird awesome stuff

Tiny Taiga

this is for the sexy health nut or vegan on your list – in other words, ME. Tucked in beneath some hip lofts on East 11th, like a mini corner vegan health food hippy shop that’s beautiful & addicting.  Just read the website to truly get the vibe, but really, just go and buy stuff for yourself and feel good

Say Hi! – Japanese & Chinese imports

No website so here’s YELP

Have you ever been here? GO – the owner is really funny and nice. Once I went in to buy supplies for a wealth corner for my house and he recommended a bunch of luck stuff to hang around my house, then I didn’t have enough cash so he let me go with a promise to come back and pay the rest. Then when I did go back a week or so later he was so surprised, he never really thought he’d see me again! Love this store – you almost think you could buy a Mogwai here

Nature’s Treasures

Crystals, rocks, and a New Age, groovy, magical heaven

Métier – Cooks Supply store

for the chef in your life, this store is amazing – i want to marry it

Secret Oktober

Coco Coquette (Charm School Vintage)

Seriously just go here to have some fun – amazing wigs unlike anywhere else, create your fantasy. This year I got a wild pair of false eyelashes as a gift from a co-worker, such a surprising but fun present!  Bonus that Charm School Vintage is in the same location, so grab a vintage purse or jewelry for under the tree

Austin Flea

the ultimate Austin Flea Market! Local hand made stuff, art, jewelry, vintage stuff, all in one place and on ONE DAY – this Saturday December 20th at The Highball on South Lamar starting at 11


Museum stores are the most overlooked creative places to shop! I recently bought some amazing Frank Lloyd Wright greeting cards at the Blanton Gift store for a fellow Realtor.  So go there for your art loving friends.  The Texas Memorial Museum at UT has fab kid stuff for science lovers and future paleontologists.  Bob Bullock museum for Texas Lovers – you get the drift

Then when all else fails – my very fave gift to give and recieve, because they are delicious for your body and good for your mind are gift cards for Massage and/or Yoga!

Fave picks for Massage in Austin:

Mantis Massage – Kyra Gerhard – and she promises me that everyone there is as good as she is! East Austin.

Rochelle Poulson Massage & Yoga – bonus, she teaches yoga too!  Central Austin

The Austin Massage Company – Michelle Hittner – these guys have fixed me when I couldn’t walk once, for reals. Two locations

Yoga Faves:

Yoga Black Lagoon – this place is amazing – it’s an art gallery also so there’s always cool stuff to look at, plus go next door after for vegan sausage pizza! Hyde Park area

Blue Honey Yoga – great variety of classes, beautiful studios.  I suggest Sara’s Yoga Basic’s classes even if you are not new! West/central Austin

Sanctuary Yoga – stunning calming setting in this really sweet south Austin studio – and it’s home to a lovely non profit called the Amala Foundation

Yoga Vida – My fave hot vinyasa studio with some of the best teachers around


Happy Shopping!!!! If you try some of these let me know in comments below



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