Save the Cathedral of Junk! March cause of the month


I love the cathedral of junk

Wowie –  March is almost over, it seems like it was the busiest month ever, and it kind of was.  So I knew I was cutting it close with my monthly Charity of the Month post, and as usual something relevant hits me just in time!

If you don’t know about this South Austin piece of goodness read on and hope it’s not to late to enjoy it

So the Cathedral of Junk – it’s a blog post in and of itself that I could have written – my first visit there was at Statesman food writer Addie Broyle’s  Eat-up she hosted there last summer – to be cliche, it was magical. Cocktails of cantaloupe & Tito’s Vodka, exploring the passages and noticing the minute details. I had a goal to find a unicorn in it all and announced it aloud, minutes later a guy pointed one out.

the lone unicorn

You can’t help but be childish and full of wonder when you are there

silliness is allowed

I returned with my kids and they could have stayed forever

Well now it’s at risk  – a complaint to the city prompted a review  which revealed certain code violations – here is the story from The Austinist  – The Cathedral of Junk may be Junked

Here’s a great story about it from – The Cathedral of Junk

Apparantly there’s a Facebook Fan Page – Cathedral of Junk/Facebook

BUT most importantly – some wonderful people have initiated efforts to help the owner get the structure up to code and save this totally Austin, totally amazing, labor of love piece of art.

To find out details and how YOU can help please visit the website – read about thier work, and jump in.

What I am going to do is donate supplies….how about you?

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