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Selling a home, as anyone will tell you, can be a super stressful time.  But being well prepared and highly motivated can ease the pain!

Know why you are selling – is to downsize and live a more simple life? Upsizeing to accommodate a growing family or have a life upgrade? Moving to a neighborhood you’ve always dreamed of?  Re-locating to a new city? Financial concerns?  Whatever the reason, be sure of it, this is essential to being motivated and therefore totally on board with all it takes.

Interview realtors – make sure you have a good rapport, check their company website to see how properties are marketed, ask them what they will do, listen to what they ask you to do.

Your Realtor® will want to visit your home so they can make suggestions for preparing your home to put on the market, and also so that they can more accurately proved a CMA.

What is a CMA? – it stands for Comparative Market Analysis, in other words, it is the method in which the Realtor® comes up with a sales price, based on similar homes sold, in the general (or specific) area, taking into account various features of the home which will add to, or subtract from the value.

Preparing your home – See the Seller’s Guide PDF below for a really great checklist of what to do to get your home in tip top shape to sell.  (it also has some other GREAT info for sellers)

But in general, try to put yourself in the buyer’s shoes, is this your dream house?

Curb appeal! Never minimize the impact of curb appeal, some buyers will drive buy a place before making appointments to search, and totally dismiss a property based on the outside! A clean well maintained yard, fresh paint, clean windows, and my fave exterior fix – nice cool house numbers.

Repairs – don’t ignore those small fixes, the small nagging items may make a huge difference in the buyer’s first impression of the home, and they will show up in the inspection anyway. Obviously if you can, it’s best to fix the major stuff too. You do get more bang for the buck if you start out on a good foot, rather than pricing it lower to reflect needed repairs.

Be open minded! It’s easy to get emotionally attached to a price, or to feel personal about any criticisms and negative feedback, it’s your home after all. But just let it slide and think of the big picture, yeah the sign with SOLD on it

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