September Charity of the Month: Wonders and Worries

feelings in a pot - an activity at wonders & worries

This series has been absent for 4 months – not for lack of wont. I’ve been busy being somewhat a recipient, on the other side of giving in a way. Since being diagnosed with breast cancer, charity and help in many different ways have come my way. They have been welcome, needed, and extremely heartwarming. I feel like my gratitude may burst at times, and I try not to feel guilt, but the opposite, deserving. 

Some of the generiosity has been from friends, family, acquaintances & strangers. It has come in the form of gifts, support, words, advice, acts of service. Really, it’s mind blowing what people have done for me.

The other type of tremendous “gifts” I have received are from various non-profits & services specificaly for people with cancer or serious illness, and undergoing treatments. Either targeted for breast cancer patients, or cancer in general such as the American Cancer Society.  You can read about some of these organizations and my experiences with them now an then at the blog I write about my journey – Glitter Every Day

So it feels right now – to give back – at least to bring attention to some of those amazing groups.

The first one is Wonders & Worries.

What do you think the first thing a parent thinks of when they get the diagnosis of cancer or any serious illness?  Well, i’ll tell you, it’s “what will happen to my kids?” – this question encompases all the rest… will they react, how to I tell them, won’t they be scared, how will I take care of them, how will they understand what’s going on – endless questions, fears & stress

This is what Wonders and Worries is for. “Helping children cope when a parent has a chronic or life-threatening illness” – these are the first words on their website.

What a comfort! And….it is free. That to me is amazing. Besides the obvious fact that medical expenses are astronomical and debilitating, it’s also an intense relief to just not think about that extra step.

Wonders and Worries is an incredible gift to families. It has been to mine. My children have benefited, they understand cancer and the processes and treatments. The met kids who as my son said are “just like me” – that is so comforting to me as a parent.

To help Wonders and Worries this month I am donating in a fun and easy and NEW way using Help Attack – check it out –  My Help Attack Page – I’m donating by Tweeting on my twitter account @Rocknrealty – I pledged 5 cents a tweet, you can pick your amount to pledge. Super easy,  and you can put a cap on your pledge in case you get tweet happy. 

If you are not on twitter – of course you can donate on Wonders & Worries website.  And PLEASE spread the word, every family in these kind of situations should know about them.

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