Tarrytown Stuff

I have so neglected this website of late, there are many excuses and reasons I could list. My current favorite excuse is the summer, but kids are back in school so I kind of have to stop saying that. Truly I need to carve out the time to revamp and update this site. It’s long over due, I need to research how I want it to look, get a better search function, add more content, all stuff that seems overwhelming but it must be done.

Meanwhile, one thing that has taken up some of my time, is I started a new website/blog with my brother Fernando Labastida – who is good at that sort of thing. It’s called TARRYTOWN STUFF – and it’s about….yep Tarrytown – the neighborhood in West Austin where I live.  Check it out!

It’s not a real estate site, it’s really a neighborhood local local local site. I live there and I love it and I know many others do to, I want to create a sense of community, information sharing, neighborhood lore, neighborhood love.

I plan to review businesses, announce events, uncover stories, and anything else that comes up that strikes my fancy. I walk and drive the streets of Tarrytown daily and extensively – especially now that I have my new puppy Toby – and I always feel lucky to live in such a great community within the amazing city of Austin

Toby! Say hi to us if you see us walking in Tarrytown

I surely will talk about real estate some, it’s what people like to know about their neighborhood, and eventually I will have a house search function and feature Tarrtytown homes for sale

So please do check it out, subscribe if interested, and share if you know people that would be

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and well because I can’t stop, I also have a CLARKSVILLE/OLD WEST AUSTIN FACEBOOK PAGE – because it’s next door to Tarrytown and it’s the neighborhood I lived in all my college and young adult years and it’s also kind of amazing.

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