are you a tea nerd? my dive into Zhi Tea


Tea at Zhi Tea in East Austin

Tea for two at Zhi Tea


Apparantly I am now a tea nerd. Jessica Evans from Zhi Tea told me so.

And to prove it, I’m writing this post from Monkey Nest Coffee drinking a cup of Zhi Tea’s Ginger Peach Oolong, my second cup to be precise

Nanette Labastida at Monkey nest

me and tea

See, I gave up coffee a couple of months ago, for a few reasons but that’s not the point. But I still love my warm cozy morning mug, and quite a few mugs throughout the day and night. I have a ton of boxes of tea bags of all kinds.  Venturing into lose tea – the next step into tea nerd-dom.

My love for Local Austin, and for getting to know the people behind them led  me to visit with Jessica at the Zhi Tea retail location & tea shop in East Austin, on Bolm Road.

We initially started talking to discuss Zhi Tea as a gift, Jessica noticed that I love giving local items as part of my closing gifts to clients.

I imediately fell in love with this cute little place, and with Jessica, and with all the teas lining the walls

Really, read the website – Zhi Tea – to get all the scoop on the history and tea lore, it’s too much to regurgitate here (but do if after reading all the way!)

But in a nutshell, Zhi tea was started by Jeff Lorien, an ex musician, and Candace Oneida a meditation teacher – in a shared love of tea and frustration in finding the quality desired

They spend a lot of time inventing new flavors – my current fave Coconut Oolong. I’m into oolong, apparantly it can speed up your metabolism NICE!

I also love any green tea – cancer fighting antioxidants.

But did you know that white tea has the hightest level of antioxidants?? hmmmm

Tea also reduces stress – HELLO – it has an amino acid that is found only in high grade tea that promotes mental and physical relaxation, improves mood and reduces anxiety. My kids are thanking me right now.

They do their majority of business online, they have tea in some coffeshops around town (like Monkey Nest on Burnet where I am now), but thier adorbs little shop in East Austin is a must visit. They call it the Zhi Tea Gallery.

You can sit, order tea and scones. Or a hummus plate. Or a bagel & Almond butter. My kids love getting tea and scones, I’m definitely bringing them here.

They have free wi-fi and a Dog Friendly Yard! perfect

Ok, tell me, are you a tea nerd?? reply with a comment about your fave tea.

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