Tony Scalzo – an Austin songwriter

people often ask me how I came up with Rock’n Realty as my online presence, I am not a musician myself so why? Well it truly is because music is my love and it is the entire reason I live in Austin. When I was 12, I visited my aunt here, and she took my brother and I out for a wild night where we saw Stevie Ray Vaughn at the Steamboat & Standing Waves at Liberty Lunch. We both decided we would move here as soon as we could, and we did.  I immediately became immersed in the Austin music scene & made a ton of music friends, fellow fans, musicians, and busines folks

One of Austin’s most talented songwriters, and yes I’m biased, is my ex husband Tony Scalzo You may remember his band Fastball & their big hit The Way in 1998.  Those were fun times. I still get goosebumps when I hear that song. And I am still a fan. Whenever I hear a new Tony song I am amazed at how lucky I am to know him. And I think our kids have his talent! They don’t get the music gene from me

Anyway, times have changed. The music business is not the same, the recording industry is a different animal.  Record deals are rare. Tony explains it better in the video he made for his Kickstarter project. But it is time for a solo record! And he’s going to make it himself, with a little help from his friends.

Thanks to Kickstarter many musicians have been able to fund recording projects and now Tony Scalzo is asking for help. This album truly deserves to be made. Austin needs it! You need it!  And my kids would love it 🙂

Tony is offering a bunch of incentives at the different levels of donation and I’m going to offer one too.  For every donation with a comment to this post letting me know you did it, i will donate $10 to HAAM which has helped so many austin musicians keep on making music.  Just let me know your name that you used to kickstart!

So Click below & watch Tony’s video and let me know what you think!

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