Weird Real Estate Finds: Light Switch Plates

You know, showing houses all over town can sometimes be…shall we say  “interesting”.

I see stuff that makes me drool with want. I’ve been blown away by built in espresso machines. I’ve literally stopped breathing (aka smelling) through a whole house. I’ve opened doors to see sleeping mounds on beds. I’ve used a huge posterboard to herd a snarling dog into a room and shut the door. I’ve NOT shown a house due to snarling dogs at the door. I’ve needed bug spray, febreeze, flashlights, smelling salts (not really) and bravery.

BUT – one of things I love most when looking at properties in Austin is the funky quirky stuff I sometimes encounter

Recently in a house in South Austin – that my client did actually buy  – we discovered on the 2nd visit, that nearly every single light switch plate in the house was different and “arty” – and by arty I don’t mean arty, I mean, interesting, or rather different…. ok here they are:

This firey sunny one was in the garage! why the garage?


dream about your beach vacation while turning on the hall light

ok, I would actually have this one

These 2 were in the same room….

So my dear client, Lazy Smurfy  (who is a rad VEGAN food blogger) has decided to keep a couple of these up, but she is also gonna custom make her own as an homage to the original owner (I’m guessing she’s not keeping the race car one) – I wonder if a Smurf light switch plate exists…that would be the BEST house warming gift!

Read Lazy Smurfs blog – Lazy Smurf’s Guide to Life – great recipes and vegan tips and well…a really sweet shout out to me. She was a JOY to work with.

(by the way – i just googled “crazy light switch plates” and found some hilarious stuff)

What’s the crazyiest thing you’ve seen while House Hunting??

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