but first yoga

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You would think that writing a real estate blog post I should be writing about “but first real estate….” and go on and on about how I’m so passionate about my job, how I put my clients first, I live breathe sleep real estate and my client…no…but first yoga!

That hashtag is a popular one, yoga can be interchanged with coffee, or mediation or sleep, or beer or whatever. One day I was texting with a client, granted it was a client who is a friend, and a client who is a fellow yogi, they asked me to look something up and I answered “sure, later, #butfirstyoga” – a part of me was kind of shocked that I actually said that, although I knew she would get both the humor AND the fast that I had to get to a yoga class and I would get the work done later. But then I thought about what I said and what it actually meant to me.

I thought about how yoga is essentially the most important thing in my life.  Of course my kids are, my work is, my family…but all of those things are made better by my yoga practice. All of my experiences and how I show up for them are enhanced by me doing yoga, living yoga.

Regular yoga practice, both on the mat, and how I translate the teachings and feelings off of the mat and into the world, enable me to be such a better realtor for my clients.  I can be more present, more patient, more confident in myself, more solid and sure of how I interact with all parties involved.  I’m more zen and chill  and calm.  And believe me, in real estate, that is mighty essential!

Yoga teaches me how to handle difficult situations, enables me to sit with discomfort. It allows me to be present to enjoy the small stuff and embrace the giant good stuff with joy.  It makes me the best me there is.

So, if I say but first yoga…know that really I’m putting YOU, my client first, with love


PS – I’m going to do a post mentioning some of the newer (in the past year) studios that have cropped up, but first I have to try them out in person!! If there’s a studio you are curious about, let me know, or if there’s a neighborhood you like and are curious what studios are nearby, let me know that too!


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